Lauren’s manner is open and caring with a gravitas and a deep understanding of the knowledge she imparts
— Erin, Comunications Executive

Your Teacher


When telling the story of my journey to meditation in introductory talks, I often talk about how I set off to the UK in my early twenties, on a mission to ‘change the world and have fun’. 

This mission became a reality when my role as an international aid worker saw me living a full-on London life then travelling for weeks at a time, witnessing profound suffering in third-world countries. 

The intensity of this period in my life led me to seek out a meditation practice. After finding my teacher, Thom Knoles, considered the most knowledgeable exponent of Vedic Meditation and Knowledge in the world today, I was blown away by my experience and the evidence behind Vedic Meditation. Almost immediately I began experiencing better sleep, improved health and a happier mind.

After seven years of yoga and meditation training and another five teaching internationally, this ‘change the world’ mission led me back to my home in Aotearoa New Zealand, where I feel my skills are needed most. I am now based in Auckland and run meditation programmes in five cities.

Connecting with Kiwis around the country and seeing the change in them as they learn this beautiful technique brings me so much joy. I am fully committed to my students and will keep passing on this knowledge and supporting them as they become their best and healthiest selves - and we, as a country, increase our happiness levels. .

Returning to India each summer to study and teach, I feel humbled to now be recognised as a master of Vedic Meditation. But that notion of taking a warm and sunny approach to tackling some of the world’s darkest issues remains unchanged. 

My appreciation for the real things in life is at the centre of all that I do - family, friends, animals, nature and my ability to help humanity in a small way. 

You can count on me for always bringing a smile, cooking a mean dhal and for instigating spontaneous dance parties. Less stress, more bliss. Always. 

Lauren xx