Mastering the Siddhis

A siddhi is an extraordinary human power, a rare capability to interact with the laws of nature to manifest desires, the power to engage the laws of nature in order to live in accord with them from within one’s deep level of bliss consciousness.

Twenty-seven centuries ago, Patanjali, the great Seer (Maharishi) of Vedic meditation, cognized his masterpiece, The Yoga Sutras.

A Sutra is a consciousness formula.  Yoga is the experience of unity of one's individual mind with Cosmic mind.  In his treatise, Patanjali describes the method for achieving mastery of the relationship between individual human potential and the laws of nature.  Very few masters have fathomed the truth of Patanjali's teaching and techniques, and consequently his teachings had faded into obscurity until recently.

Once mastered, the siddhis are considered to be the most powerful and advanced technique in a meditator's repertoire.

The Mastering the Siddhis course is taught in six instalments.  Each of the first five instalments consists of approximately seven and a half hours of training and comprises a series of recorded instructions and lectures by Thom Knoles.

Each of the instalments will give you a new practice with enormous lifelong benefit and can be enjoyed without the necessity to complete all 6 instalments.  However the course must be completed in sequential order, as one instalment leads naturally into the next.

Prerequisites: Thom designed this course exclusively for the advanced Vedic meditator.  The prerequisite for Mastering the Siddhis is completion of instalments 1-6 of Exploring the Veda or one for one, for example completing Exploring the Veda 1 in order to undertake Mastering the Siddhis 1 etc.  Click here for further information.


Instalment Schedule

Mastering the Siddhis

Instalment 1*      13 - 14 July 2019
Instalment 2*     12 - 13 October 2019
Instalment 3*      December 2019
Instalment 4*      tbc 
Instalment 5*      tbc
Instalment 6       tbc       

* Instalments 1 to 5 are generally conducted on Saturday from 1.00pm to 6.30pm and Sunday from 1.00pm to 5.00pm.

Course Fee

$1,200 per instalment