"Before I learned to meditate, I used to carry a lot of stress which caused many physical symptoms and poor health. I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder and put on medication for life to control the symptoms of fatigue, and joint pain.

With meditation I have been able to come off this medication, which is a huge milestone. I have learned to reduce stress in a natural way and my health has improved dramatically. My immune system works better than it ever has.

I now believe I never had a disease, I believe it was stress that caused anxiety and physical symptoms. Stress free, I am healthy, pain free and achieving my dreams."

Melissa, Nurse Practitioner and Mother of two

The first thing I noticed was that I didn't need as much sleep, but never felt tired. This was particularly useful as I am a night person but needed to be up early to go to the gym. Before learning to meditate I was used to using coffee throughout the day to negate the effects of how tired I was but this made me dehydrated and the pick-me-up didn't last long. 

I was also terrible at 15:30-itis; feeling sleepy and binging on sugar to get me through the rest of the day, but I substituted this with the afternoon meditation and all of a sudden I was bouncing off the walls again with no need for sugar and coffee.

Meditation has doubled my productivity throughout the day, because not only do I have more energy, I'm also thinking more clearly and therefore make better decisions. It makes life easier.

Matt, Property Developer

I have to say I feel a whole lot calmer after starting meditating - just in general throughout the day.  I think I'm far less anxious...I do really look forward to my meditation after work now - it's almost like a reward for making it through the day!  

I am so so thankful to have learnt to meditate, it feels like such the right thing for me to be doing. Thank you again for passing on your knowledge."

Emma, Clinical Respiratory Physiologist

My daughter and niece have been trying to talk me into this for a while. Now I know why. Initially finding the time to meditate was a struggle, now it is a priority and everything else can wait.

It has had a positive influence on me in that I am less reactive when faced with stressful situations and I have an inner calmness that I enjoy. I look forward to meditating and am not bothered about doing it on the bus home from work or even in the car at the side of the road.

It has made a positive change to my life and I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a way to deal with the more unpleasant things in your life!

Kerry, Team Manager