Initiator Training

Initiator Training is a dynamic and transformative process 
designed to train practitioners of Vedic Meditation to become professional Initiators - teachers in our Vedic Tradition.

Initiator training with Thom Knoles - India January 2020

Prerequisites for undertaking Initiator Training

  • You have been practising Vedic Meditation regularly for 2 years or more

  • You have received at least one Advanced Technique

  • You have completed at least one Weekend Rounding Retreat with an Initiator of Vedic Meditation in good standing (getting up to at least 7 rounds in one day). 

  • You have completed instalments 1 - 6 of the course, Exploring the Veda.

  • You have completed instalment 1, 2 & 3 of the course, Mastering the Siddhis

The next Initiator Training course will be conducted by Thom Knoles, Limor Babai, Christian Bevacqua and Lauren Godfrey in Rishikesh, India from 26th January – 19th April 2020.  This will be a full time 12 week residential program.

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