Meditation for Children

These days children are facing new demands and pressures that we didn’t have to deal with growing up; including social media, online bullying and increasing levels of anxiety and depression. Giving your children the gift of meditation is adding a tool to their tool belt that will help them to navigate through the demands of our modern world more easily.
— Lauren Godfrey


Children aged 4 - 11 are eligible to learn a special eyes-open meditation technique that they can practice throughout the day, whenever they’re feeling sad or angry or when they’re playing with their lego, brushing their teeth or can’t sleep at night.

To be eligible to learn, your child must have at least one parent who is already practising Vedic Meditation. If you haven’t learnt Vedic Meditation yet, you can sign up for an Introductory Talk here.

The cost for the children’s course is $150 per child + a drawing or piece of artwork from your child. For parents in Auckland, you can book your child in and pay directly through the booking form below and your child can bring their drawing/artwork to their first session :-).

Tweens and teens, who are 12 - 18 years old learn the adult meditation eyes-closed technique, but in a way that is tailored specifically to them. They need to attend an Introductory Talk and can then join a scheduled 4 day teenager meditation course or join any regular 4 day adult beginner meditation course. The cost for them is $450.


Session 1

1 hour 
We have a fun session, first witnessing a gratitude ceremony and then teaching your child their own special way to meditate. We practice meditating together and parents are welcome to sit in on this session.

Session 2

10 minutes
Within 2 - 3 days of the first session, you and your child will come back to see me for a quick checking session and talk about how they’ve been able to meditate at home and ask any questions they have.

Book your child in to learn Vedic Meditation in Auckland

Live somewhere else? Send Lauren a message here and she will book your child in on her next visit to your city.